Update Preview: Spring Festival Celebration

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With Spring Festival just around the corner, the people of Nyria are ready to celebrate!

My Lords, the brand new Spring Festival update will be released on 2022/01/24 (UTC), with fun new events and lots of amazing rewards prepared just for you!

[New Content]

1. Spring Festival Events – Happy New Year!

Tap ‘Happy New Year!’ on the main page to view all Spring Festival events. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Spring Festival Event Calendar to make sure you don’t miss a single one! Now, let’s take a look at all the fun events we’ve prepared for you!

Spring Festival Sign-in

Sign-in daily to win Optional Medal Chests, Military Codices, and tons of other great rewards!

Embrace the New Year with Good Fortune

Join the event and earn EXP to unlock tons of festive rewards and decorations, including Spring Festival Avatar Frames and Chatter Boxes!

Nian Attacks

Nian is trying to ruin Nyria’s Spring Festival celebrations! Set a rally to slay the monster and win great rewards!

Dragon Dance

Complete quests to earn rewards, and claim chests and Red Packets!

Red Packet Giveaway & Spring Festival Fair

Complete quests to earn Red Packets, and send them out to earn rewards! Grab Red Packets in the Kingdom Channel to earn Gold Ingots which can then be exchanged for Arcane Crystals, War Artifacts, and other fantastic rewards in the Spring Festival Fair event!

2. New Year Dinner Event

Enjoy a festive feast and donate materials for a chance to earn Deluxe Optional Red Hero Chests and Red Universal Shards! When your Kingdom progress reaches set goals, you’ll also earn additional rewards!

3. New Function – Auto-play

When Monster Search is enabled, Lords can use the Auto-queue to enter the Auto-play mode, setting their hands free as they slay monsters automatically!

4. New Gold Assist Hero – Lu Ban

Available from the Spring Festival Fair and Embrace the New Year with Good Fortune events. When assigned to the Castle, increases upgrade speed for all buildings by 20.37%Increases Shield of the Realm research speed by30.62 %, and resource efficiency when upgrading the Shield of the Realm by 20.14%.

5. New Function – Notification Mail Auto-translation

[Other Optimizations]

1. Ruin of Titan Optimizations

Lords who occupied the Heart of Ruin for the same amount of time will now be ranked based on their arrival time.

Lords from the same Battle Group will no longer be able to attack each other’s resource tiles.

On [Kill the Enemy Day], the maximum amount of points available from Resource Grab and City Defense in each round is 700M. Points beyond this limit will no longer be counted.

In [Expedition’s Glory], the maximum amount of Individual Glory available from Resource Grab and City Defense each week is 200K. Individual Glory beyond this limit will no longer be counted.

My Lords, make sure you don’t miss out on any of these amazing Spring Festival events and rewards! Remember to follow the Forum for all the hottest game info and tons of fun content! Happy Spring Festival!


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