New Red Hero: Malyshiss

In a time long ago, there was a people known as the Solduran, who had a famed leader known as Malyshiss. Like most rulers Malyshiss enjoyed a life of lavish opulence – that is, until she was cast aside by Cleopatra when she ascended to the imperial throne. She had used her immense charm and unrivaled beauty to infiltrate the nobility and twisted them to support her claim. Malyshiss realized that, in what seemed an instant, her power had been stripped away from her, and that to survive she must leave Solduran.


She mounted her dragon and fled her ancestral homeland, a single tear flowing down her tense cheek. She had escaped Cleopatra’s purge of the royals, and after a long, perilous journey through the desert, she came upon mysterious ruins that held potent magical energy. To harness these forces and unleash them on Cleopatra, she was forced to sacrifice her only friend, the trusted dragon that had winged her away to safety. It has taken decades, but Malyshiss has finally gained mastery over the magical energy and transformed what remained of her dragon’s soul into a deadly Smoke Dragon. With its help she will return with a vengeance!

Malyshiss is a Red Assist Hero. Now that she’s harnessed the mighty energy of the ruins, what skill does she have in store?!

Skill Name: Breath of Fury

Skill Description: When assigned to the Drill Grounds, increases dispatch size by 10,162. In addition, increases troop Attack and Defense by 30.08%, and reduces damage taken by 15.45%.

My Lords, upgrade your Elf Privilege level to summon the powerful new Hero, Malyshiss! Don’t miss out!


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