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Today we got an extra amazing guide from K383 ༺Mr Greedy༻. Let’s check it out!

Hey everyone, today’s guide is part of the series about increasing battle attributes, if you’re not familiar with this series then make sure to check the previous parts, this is par

1 – shield of the realm building has 5 concalves, one conclave which boosts battle attributes for all troop types, and 4 other concalves for every other troop type, infantry, archers, war machines, cavalry, assigning heroes to these concalves increases battle attributes, the % of the battle attributes received by assigning heroes depends on two factors, first is the amount of battle prestige that the hero assigned has, the higher the battle prestige of the hero assigned, the more % you gain, the second factor is the level of the conclave, my advice would be to focus on upgrading only the conclave which boosts your main troop type, because military codex is a very rare item and should be spent wisely, and also assign only the heroes with the highest battle prestige to the conclave that boosts your main troop type, just for the sake of clarification, shield of the realm is unlocked when your castle reaches L1, and also make sure to check my guide about the shield of the realm building and military codex if you’re curious about the subject.


2 – castle themes can increase your battle attributes depending on which castle theme you use, right now in my opinion the most available castle theme is the winter wonderland, you can get shards for this castle theme from dreadlord and also get 1 day of this castle theme from dreadlord too, and this is a very good castle theme too, I can show all the castle themes which give battle attributes but I think it’s besides the point, you can see that for yourself by clicking on the castle and then clicking on “decorate” you can see the image below if you’re confused.


3 – attack and defense and HP bonuses, although these are temporary boosts, but they’re not quite temporary, for example I always have a 20% attack and defense bonuses activated, because I have enough of these bonuses to actually have them activated 24/7, so I basically have an extra permanent 20% attack and defense this way, my main source for these bonuses is the VIP shop, it’s very cheap there and easy to find, but you may wonder about HP, well unfortunately that’s a different case because these basically cannot be obtained for free at all right now, only way to get them is through purchases and I think this should be changed, at least give players the option to buy a weaker version of the bonus with gems.


That’s all I have for this part, thank you all for reading and make sure to stay tuned for the next parts

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