How to increase battle attribute 4

Today we got an extra amazing guide from K383 ༺Mr Greedy༻. Let’s check it out!

Hey everyone, today’s guide is part of the series about increasing battle attributes, if you’re not familiar with this series then make sure to check the previous parts, this is part four.

1 – VIP level 9 and level 10 increases battle attributes while your VIP is active, there’s not much to say about it, with time and focus you’ll have VIP 10 in a couple of months if you’re new, best advice is to save your gems and buy VIP points during total consumption event.


2 – there are some hero bonds which increase battle attributes, these are the hero bonds that you should pay attention to, there’s not much you can do to speed up the process of improving your hero bonds, it takes time, the important thing is to keep an eye on the hero bonds that interest you and improve your main troop type battle attributes, and know what heroes you need to work on in order to upgrade these hero bonds.


3 – lord skills is one of the easiest ways to increase your battle attributes, everyone should have one skill set for each branch (battle, assist, development) just max out the skills which boost your main troop type And switch to this skill set every time you want to battle, for those without elf privilege level 6 and above it will cost 200 gems to switch between skill sets, it’s not very expensive, but it’s also not free.


4 – inside the arcane tower there are researches which also increase battle attributes for specific troop types, researches in the arcane tower cost arcane stones, which are a special resource similarly to legendary medals, they’re fairly rare to get and should be spent wisely, it’s important to focus on spending your arcane stones to improve the researches which directly boost the battle attributes of your main troop type and not spend your arcane stones on other low importance researches, just for the sake of clarification, the arcane tower is unlocked when your castle reaches L1, and also pay attention that the maximum level of a specific research that you want to finish may require a higher level legendary castle, example shown in the image highlighting infantry research down below.


5 – in one of the previous parts I spoke about researches in the institute, but there are two researches which I did not mention, that is merlons and arrowslits, these two are overlooked by many new players, but they’re quite nice especially for none spenders that are trying to build a trap castle, these two researches increase attack and defense attributes for all troop types during castle defense, it’s important to have these maxed out as soon as possible.


That’s all I have for this part, thank you all for reading and make sure to stay tuned for the next parts

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