DetailSpring Festival Event – Dragon Dance

My Lords, are you ready to celebrate Spring Festival? Come join our festive events to win big rewards!

Today, Elyanna would like to tell everyone more about the Dragon Dance event!


Event Time: From 2022/01/31 (UTC)

Requirement: Castle Lv. ≥ 6

Event Rules:

In each round of the Dragon Dance event, 10 quests will appear. Lords must manually accept Spring Festival Quests and submit them after completion to earn Quest Rewards. Lords can refresh quests, instantly replacing them with new ones. Quests on each tile can only be completed once in each round. Lords can only accept quests on tiles adjacent to those with already completed quests.

After completing a quest adjacent to a chest, Lords will be able to tap on the chest, claiming the rewards inside.Complete quests on all tiles and open all chests to trigger the event reset countdown, with a new event round starting when the countdown ends. Lords can consume Gems to accelerate the countdown .

Complete quests to win rewards including Blessed Red Packets and Gold Ingots. Consume Blessed Red Packets to send Red Packets to the Kingdom Channel, earning festive rewards! Gold Ingots can be exchanged for Lu Ban Shards, Arcane Crystals, and more in the Spring Festival Fair event!

We hope you’ll enjoy a lovely Spring Festival with ROK!


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