DetailRuin of Titan Season 7 Winners Released!

The Ruin of Titan Season 7 is officially over, as we move on to memorializing the brave exploits of all Lords’ in the history of Rise of the Kings.

Curious about the final winners? Let’s take a closer look at the name list together!


Ruin of Titan ID: 30001

Winning Battle Groups: Ar’ven (Including K310, K297, K29)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30002

Winning Battle Groups: Ar’ven (Including K437, K321, K285)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30003

Winning Battle Groups:Ainsleigh (Including K324, K360, K229)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30004

Winning Battle Groups: Maw (Including K201, K409, K433)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30005

Winning Battle Groups: Maw (Including K67, K420, K193)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30006

Winning Battle Groups: Rynth (Including K114, K428, K218)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30007

Winning Battle Groups: Stjalvarrt (Including K404, K362, K231)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30008

Winning Battle Groups: Ar’ven (Including K371, K103, K277)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30009

Winning Battle Groups: Rynth (Including K238, K170, K346)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30010

Winning Battle Groups: Point Kil’meng’ar (Including K288, K289, K434)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30011

Winning Battle Groups: Ar’ven (Including K393, K318, K397)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30012

Winning Battle Groups: Stjalvarrt (Including K394, K240, K268)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30013

Winning Battle Groups: Ar’ven (Including K376, K378, K164)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30014

Winning Battle Groups: Stjalvarrt (Including K423, K432, K244)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30015

Winning Battle Groups: Ar’ven (Including K356, K462, K367)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30016

Winning Battle Groups: Llyr Layne (Including K494, K473)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30017

Winning Battle Groups: Fa’il (Including K509, K475)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30018

Winning Battle Groups: Llyr Layne (Including K502, K524)

Ruin of Titan ID: 30019

Winning Battle Groups: Maw (Including K528, K519)

Congratulations to every Lord in the winning Battle Groups! Your victory is due to your training, power, cunning tactics, and excellent teamwork! Keep it up!

Don’t be disappointed if your name is not among the other hallowed names above this time around! Keep up the fight and you’ll join them soon! Happy gaming!ShareTop Comments

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