DetailRuin of Titan Season 7 Event Schedule

The Ruin of Titan Season 7 will officially start on 2022/2/14 (UTC)!

We have organized a detailed event schedule to help all of you Lords know more about what to expect, and ensure everyone joins the event on time!


Check the schedule to find out when “Before the Expedition”, “Rebuild Battle Group”, “Expedition to the Unknown”, and the Neutral buildings will open! Remember to save this schedule!ShareTop Comments

Mbah Salekan 2/12 20:51Sipp lah…8View translationMbah Marijan:Mulai manehMbah Tamah:WowView All

Mbah Tamah 2/12 21:26Apa yang salah dengan saya6View translationMbah Surip:WwwMbah Diyono:WewView All

Prince °°KRIS°° 2/12 23:25TYTAN ZA DWA DNI A NIE WIEM Z KIM!!! ZLIKWIDUJCIE TEN GLUPII CRYSTAL WAR!!! A TE 4 GODZINY BITWY TO JAKAS KPINA!!!!!!!3View translationQerydris:Cześć 😁😁 Ojejku fajnie Cię widzieć 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁Qerydris:Oczywiście tu kluska21 🙈🙈View AllLatest Comments

🥋Zion🥋 4/7 22:31Ok

HARLEYMOMMA 4/2 17:32OkView translation

PeRyRO 3/14 12:32Hi1View translation

MIKE OF WILLIAM 3/12 15:54OkView translation

HARLEYMOMMA 3/12 15:22OkView translation

HARLEYMOMMA 3/11 21:40OkView translation

GANS 1977 3/11 12:34OkView translation

HARLEYMOMMA 3/9 14:42OkView translation

GANS 1977 2/24 19:09OkView translation

Lugorn to sale 2/24 7:59😀View translation

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