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Throne War is a bi-weekly recurring event where you can receive some pretty good rewards just by participating.

There are several buildings assigned to the event. The Palace, which is located at the center of each kingdom with four adjoining Turrets (cannons) and four Fortresses.

As the name of the event suggests, it is about capturing a Palace. An alliance that takes control of a Palace for 8 consecutive hours will receive privileges until the next turn of the event.

There are many interesting rewards available in the event, and you don’t have to fight for the palace to get them. Easily, any member of your alliance can claim the Reward Chests in just a few steps:

1. Capture a Fortress (these are the neutral buildings that do not have any influence on the outcome of the palace battle, so they will be suitable for the points needed to win the rewards): All you have to do is fill it with the alliance members of their troops and let the player with the best attributes take command. Hence, if all the fortresses are occupied, ask the current occupant to make it available to you for some time;

2. Preparation: From among your members, choose a member who will attack your Fortress (attacks should have a formation without assigned heroes, 50,000 soldiers per unit) and a defender who will use his Shieldmen to protect the troops of alliance members filling the fortress for chests rewards. The player attacking the fortress will have to leave the alliance for a moment and, most importantly, he/she must have a sufficient amount of Phoenix Water (191 drops to revive all troops). I suggest both players(attacker and defender) to have 191 blue drops to take over this event.

The whole operation should not take long and will allow everyone to receive great rewards. If any of the members ran out of space in the fortress, then fortress leader should check who has already received all the rewards and make room for other players.

Players in the fortress will not lose any troops as long as they follow the command of the member who takes over the defense and thus ,they will not use Phoenix Water to revive the troops, while the person who will perform the attacks and defense will definitely use 191 drops, and will score more points in the event.

This is an event in which you will receive a lot of interesting prizes, so I highly recommend everyone to take part of it. If you get enough points during the event, even if the throne has been decided and not in your alliance favor, your alliance leader will receive 20 additional throne war chests to give to his players.

PS: It is worth collecting Phoenix Water, each entry to Ashen Path will give you chance to get a few drops, and at War Play, you will always get a good amount per level. You may also buy Phoenix Water, but you can safely collect it without spending any money.ShareTop Comments

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