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Today we have an extra special guide from one of our wonderful players.

Hi everyone, today we will be talking about speedup and how to maximize its benefits. Speedup is one of the most important item of the game. It affects your power, your castle level, your research thus affects your performance in all activities of the game. As you all know, there are 6 types of speedup: construction, research, trap making, troop healing, troop training and universal speedup which can be used for all of the above purposes


To get the most out of your speedup, there are 2 things you have to remember: collect as many speedup as possible and spend them effectively.

1. How can we get speedup?

It is very simple. Do all the events because there is speedup reward in any ROK events: forum events, Tournament of Kingdom, Ruin of Titan, consumption events, recharge events, special events, power boost, everyday events… Of course, you can buy packages to get speedup too.

There are events that offer you some types of speedup to choose such as: Rise of Solider (4 troop types), Templars’ Glory, Total Consumption… you can choose depend on your situation and needs. I suggest that the top 2 types of speedup for everyone are troop training and universal speedup. At some point of the game, you will not be able to research or upgrade because you do not have enough arcane stone or medal. However, you will always be able to train troop as long as you have enough resources and speedup.

Some events offer the most speedup are: Fast castle development, Dreadlord’s Arrival, Rise of Solider, Power boost, Rise of the Beasts, Summer task, Fast training

2. How do we spend speedup effectively?

Universal speedup can be used for all 5 purposes: construction, research, trap making, troop healing, troop training. Trap making speedup is useless. The main requirement for construction, research, troop healing are resources, medal and arcane stone, not speedup. Only troop training requires huge amount of speedup. Therefore, you should spend universal speed up for training only.

To be effective, you have to get something in return when you spend speedup. It can be gem, speedup, war items, mythical beast items, arcane stone, codex, medal, hero shards… or even gold universal shards. They are offered in some speedup spending tasks in events such as: Fast castle development, Rise of Solider, Rise of the Beasts, Fast training, Tournament of Kingdom, Before the Expedition, Expedition to the Unknown, Rebuild Battle Group. Each event has its own schedule, range from 1 to 5 days and may be overlapped. If you spend speedup on the right time, you can finish 2-3 events without spending additional speedup

For example: – Rise of the Beasts event takes place from Saturday to Monday – Fast castle development event takes place from Monday to Wednesday – Rise of Cavalry event takes place from Monday to Saturday – Fast training event takes place from Friday to Sunday If you spend speedup on Monday or Saturday, you can kill 3 birds with 1 stone. Saved speedup can be used to achieve high ranking when you decide to race for the top in future events.

You may question that “How can I know the event schedule?”. Except some events have been scheduled in the calendar by ROK (Ruin of Titan and TOK), no one know for sure other events schedule. An advice from me: Wait till the last day of the event to complete it. And it always works for me

Thats all I have for today. I hope this article was helpful for everyone. Good luck and have fun.ShareLatest Comments

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