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Today we got an extra amazing guide from K10005 Aʟᴇx Hᴜɴᴛᴇʀ. Let’s check it out!

The return of the Lichbreaker Legions brings light and hope to the race of men in these dark days! An added benefit is the renewal of the ancient power and magic has delivered a breakthrough in the limits on Castles!

After the August 16 update, lords were able to upgrade their castles to legendary level 10 and were able to train troop level 13. But it’s a long process, let it go. Today we will be interested in an accompanying event that is the conversion of troops that many lords are interested in. How to convert troops, what props are needed,… let’s get started!

1. What is Conversion Orb?

Before you start training t13, ROK has prepared a gift for all of you Lords – the mysterious Conversion Orbs! Use Conversion Orbs to convert troops inside your Castle into another type that you’ve unlocked.


Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and War Machines inside your Castle are all available for conversion. Directly convert lower-level troops to higher-level ones! However, the conversion rate is not 1:1, so take care when doing conversions!

2. How to get Conversion Orb?

Conversion Orb can be obtained for free through completing the event quests: Rise of Infantry

Specifically, through training a certain number of infantry will receive gift milestones that include Conversion Orb, similarly upgrading infantry heroes to certain levels will also receive Conversion Orb. You can get up to 32 Conversion Orb for training troops and 12 Conversion Orb for upgrading heroes.


In addition, you can also get Conversion Orb through Additional Rewards and through the Council exchange


3. How to use Conversion Orb to convert the troops?

After completing the missions in Rise of Infantry event, the Conversion Orb will be transferred to your bag, to use it just open your bag, drag to the bottom. Just tap on this item and press the use button, the troop conversion will begin


After pressing the use button, you will be taken to the troop convert interface, here you just need to press plus button (+), click to select 1 of the 4 types of troops at the bottom, then select the level of troops you want to receive after converting, then click select.

In the next step you just need to select the troops inside your castle to convert and the number to transfer then press transfer. A screen will appear detailing the conversion and asking you to confirm the conversion


After converting you also receive a message with details about the conversion: the number of conversion orb used, the type and level of the source troops and the converted troops.

* Some Notes:

– Each Conversion Orb can be used to get up to 1,000 designated soldiers after the conversion is complete

– Conversion Orbs can only be used to get T12 (and below) troops that you’ve already unlocked

– Storm Elementals can’t be converted

– You cannot revert after the conversion has been confirmed

– Directly convert lower-level troops to higher-level ones! However, the conversion rate is not 1:1

Have fun playing the game, soon reach legendary castle level 10 and troop level 13!ShareLatest Comments

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