Detai New Gold Development Hero: Lu Ban


Lu Ban is the most gifted and inventive mechanical engineer in Khamen-To. He once deciphered an ancient mechanism and used the immense power contained within to create a formidable weapon. However, the aristocrats of Khamen-To used Lu Ban’s weapon to wage war on commoners, usurping their land and resources. With his invention instantly becoming the most coveted commodity on the market, Lu Ban’s wealth and social status soared overnight…

As he was traveling across Khamen-To, Lu Ban witnessed a bloody massacre. Now that his eyes were finally open to the atrocities his weapons had inflicted upon the world, Lu Ban immediately halted their production. Instead, he focused on developing tools utilized by the common people, greatly improving their living conditions. He also made tremendous efforts to stop the spread of war, as well as generous donations to repair the damage it had caused. Working for a noble cause filled Lu Ban’s heart with great joy, and his glorious achievements forever earned him a place in the hearts of the people of Khamen-To!

As a Development Hero, Lu Ban is best assigned to the Castle to reduce building construction time.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Lu Ban’s skill!

Skill Name: Marvelous Craft

Skill Effect:When assigned to the Castle, increases upgrade speed for all buildings by 20.37%Increases Shield of the Realm research speed by30.62 %, and resource efficiency when upgrading the Shield of the Realm by 20.14%.

Source: Recruit for FREE from the ‘Spring Festival Fair’ and ‘Embrace the New Year with Good Fortune’ events!

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