Detai Brand New Relics Are Here


Having carefully studied the potent energy contained within ancient Relic Shards, the best craftsmen of the realm created powerful Relics capable of harnessing their mystical force. Now that Relics are making their debut in Nyria, Elyanna is here to tell you more about them!

As a brand new gameplay feature, Relics will be permanently available in the game. Relics are stored at the Blacksmith – that’s where you can view and equip them. Each one offers different effects that will greatly boost your attributes!

You can head over to the Relic Store and use Gems to purchase any Relics you wish. The Relics currently available in the Store are the Recovery Ring, Hunting Ring, Construction Ring, Research Ring, and Collection Ring – use them to earn corresponding buffs for 3 days!

Remember that the Relics you’ve purchased will only take effect once you’ve used them in the Relic Vault. Each Relic has a validity period – after expiration, you can purchase the same Relic again!


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